Galerie oursons

Galerie de mes ours et autres peluches adoptés.

Gallery of my bears and other stuffed animals adopted.

oursons adoptés. Rusty. Cody Poppy Rose bonbon Mia Pinky Winky Jeremy Peanut Timothy Cookie Sweetie Bunny Elie Phant. Hector. Chocolate. Cherry. Browny Sunny Hatty Touty. Lovely. Looby Toffy. Daisy. Tommy. Vicky. Pandy panda Fanny. Choko. Tommy Lee et Holly Rouky Mady Zéléphant. Lily Rose. Voici Choky Lisy Bunny Goldy Abby phant. Frosty Nelly Phant. Freesy Herby Cup Cake. Teddy Benny Ébony phant Pibody Bonny Lapin Gabby Oldy. Herby Patchy Shansy Cooky Curly Patsy Phant Curly Barry the sailor. Elly phant